The Cult of the Black Card: A Divorce Lawyers Tale of True Love, Lust and Lies

“As the result of a life in matrimonial law, I’ve gotten intimate with the dark side of human nature. I’ve seen how vows of eternal love can curdle over into vows of eternal hatred. I’ve seen the limits of human cruelty, addiction, and abuse that can overwhelm people who once had the capacity for good. And also, I’ve seen how amazing love can be — I’ve seen people overcome their desires for revenge, and think in the best interests of their families.I’ve seen a lot of what people can be, and I’ve emerged even more eternally optimistic than when I started out.I didn’t always think so, but I’ve come to realize I was put on this planet to help women out of unfair situations. I tried quite a few other routes, lived on both coasts, survived quite a few inequitable, manipulative relationships of my own, but ultimately, my calling was my calling.I want to tell you how it happened. I want to tell you what I know life can be, even if it seems to be so much less. I want to tell you about my extraordinary mother, whose savviness propelled her from Depression-era poverty to financial strength. More than anything, in this age of turmoil, pandemic, megalomania, hopelessness, and despair, I want to give you hope.I want to show you that, if you believe in life and love, they’ll believe in you, too.” Excerpt From: Leslie Montanile. “The Cult of the Black Card.” Apple Books.

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Book Title: The Cult of the Black Card: A Divorce Lawyers Tale of True Love, Lust and Lies

Book Author: Leslie Montanile Esq.

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