The Hang Gliders Technical Notebook (English Edition)

This book is the definitive text on the technical aspects of hang gliding. Covering such topics as aerodynamics, stability and control, structure, performance and glide calculations (including performance in a turn), the physics of landing, and slope and thermal soaring, the book translates aeronautical engineering into practical insights from a hang glider pilot's point of view. Written in a conversational style, the book explains all the important messages in simple rules-of-thumb for those who don't want to get into the technicalities. However, the book does not run away from algebra: there are plenty of equations and graphs for those who want to look at the detail behind the rules-of-thumb. The Kindle edition includes performance charts for both flex- and rigid-wing hang gliders.Not a training manual, this book does not teach flying techniques, nor is it intended for pilots who just want to know what to do, without wondering why. This book is for pilots who want more insight into what is happening when they fly.

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Book Title: The Hang Gliders Technical Notebook (English Edition)

Book Author: Finbar Sheehy

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