Circling the World to Find Myself

Adventure, travel, self-reflection, laughter and kidnapping? These are true adventures for Jeri Rutherford sent to Kyrgyzstan in a government sponsored, micro-economic development program. Volunteering weeks after the 9/11 bombing, what she finds is very different from what she expected. Join her as she discovers the people, the land, the cultures, history, political moves from the "Super Powers" and her own self-worth. A fast moving adventure sure to leave you wanting more. This book is a rare combination of food science and political science in action while laying out both the history of this country as it relates to our country and where we may be heading. This intriguing tale and personal account of a woman navigating another culture, in a previously Soviet country, trying to help people accomplish their goals for a better life. Jeri has revealed the kinds of events and emotions that haunt many of us. Follow how she came to terms with her emotional turmoil even while the external problems of communication, solving mechanical difficulties, and the terror of being caught in the varying laws and rules of an unfamiliar country, at the mercy of those in charge, ensnared her. She also discovered the underbelly of this former soviet country. In a true tale halfway between Indiana Jones, James Bond, meeting Lara Croft and Elizabeth Gilbert in Jeri Rutherford’s fast-moving story that will leave you hungry for the next traveling adventure! Who knew volunteerism could be so invigorating, challenging, and rewarding? Thank goodness she lives to tell us this engaging and inspiring story!

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Book Title: Circling the World to Find Myself

Book Author: Jeri Rutherford

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