Operation Trumpsformation

Brought to you by Penguin. It's the end of the world as Ross knows it...this time, there's no way of escaping another monumental fock-up! Sorcha had thrown me out of the family home - this time apparently for good. And yet that was the least of my worries.... My old dear was in prison, accused of murdering her second husband. My sons were showing an unhealthy interest in - someone call social services - soccer! And my daughter wanted everyone to call her Eddie. But don't even go there! On top of all that, a blond wig discovered in a dusty attic, had given my old man delusions of power. Suddenly, he was running for election, promising to tear up the bailout deal and take Ireland out of Europe. And that's to say nothing of his secret plan for Ireland's second city.... But shush! Don't mention the wall!

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Book Title: Operation Trumpsformation

Book Author: Ross O'Carroll-Kelly,Penguin Audio

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