The Military Balance 2013 (English Edition)

The Military Balance 2013 is the annual assessment of the military capabilities and defence economics of 171 countries world-wide. New features of the 2013 edition include; reorganised and expanded analytical essays. New sections on trends in contemporary armed conflicts in Afghanistan and Syria, as well as trends in defence capability areas, with a focus on equipment, technological or doctrinal developments. There is also an essay on trends in defence economics and procurement, one on European defence industries, and another on anti-access/area denial, detailed analysis of regional and national defence policy and economic issues for selected states, updated graphics feature on comparative defence statistics, with focus on defence economics, and major land, sea and, air capability concerns, tables, graphics and analysis of defence economics issues, additional national capability summaries, additional data on, land forces: combat support and combat service support, new graphics and maps on defence capability issues and additional data on cyber capabilities.

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Book Title: The Military Balance 2013 (English Edition)

Book Author: The International Institute for Strategic Studies

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ISBN: B08P5351SX