Restaurant & Bar Marketing II: Hacking Human Nature

Start thinking like a consumer and succeed like a pro!  Picture a room full of people all taking a test that nobody studied for. Everyone is copying off of each other’s paper so we end up with a bunch of different versions of the wrong answer. Everyone assumes their neighbor knows more than they do but it turns out everyone is shockingly uneducated.This is the reality of today’s restaurant and bar “Marketing Expert.”In today’s visual online world, presentation and aesthetics are more important than ever. If your business’s online presence was a Tinder profile, would you score a date? Or would you continue to live through endless uneventful weekends?Google, Yelp and Tripadvisor are often the consumer’s first impression of your brand, especially in a tourist economy. Is your business dominating your competition or have you not addressed your search engine ranking because you “show up” if you Google your own business? Good enough right? Not even close.What works for your competitor’s brand could be worthless for yours. Stop the copy/ paste madness and create your own plan on your own terms!

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Book Title: Restaurant & Bar Marketing II: Hacking Human Nature

Book Author: Erik Shellenberger

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ISBN: 1695382757