Welsh Rugby 101: A Pocket Guide (English Edition)

Welsh Rugby 101 is a compendium of fascinating facts, stats, stories, personalities and trivia - perfect for all fans of Welsh rugby.From the very first Test match against England in 1881 all the way through to the present day, Welsh rugby’s rich history is distilled into 101 facts, stats and stories. This entertaining volume is an instructive, if sometimes irreverent – but always affectionate – guide to some of the groundbreaking firsts, controversies, innovations, characters, achievements and disasters that have taken place in the Principality over the years. Whether an expert or a novice, this is the perfect companion for those who follow Wales’s exploits on the field and love to bask in the light of its glorious (and sometimes inglorious) past.

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Book Title: Welsh Rugby 101: A Pocket Guide (English Edition)

Book Author: John Griffiths

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