Inside College Volleyball: Recruiting information & advice, training tips, and more for players, families, coaches, and fans (English Edition)

Authored by an experienced college coach, Inside College Volleyball is packed with information for volleyball players looking to take their game to the next level by playing in college. It provides a specific set of plans and loads of recommendations and advice for the whole college recruiting process, from high school freshman year (and before) right through senior year (and beyond). The Coach shares a behind-the-scenes view of the recruiting process in terms of what coaches are looking for and how they operate. No matter what level of college play you’re contemplating, from Division III and Junior College right up through upper level Division I, Inside College Volleyball will help you prepare for and manage the recruiting process, as well as provide insights into what it will actually be like once you get to college.If you are: - Confused by all the NCAA recruiting regulations, you will find simple explanation of the rules which will impact you along the way so you’ll know what is allowed and what is restricted at any point in time. - Worried about making commitments, Coach will let you know the timeline college volleyball coaches are on with the recruiting calendar and what it means for you so you can pace the decision-making process properly. - Unsure of how to best manage the college volleyball recruiting process, you will get a specific set of plans for freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior high school years so you can plan a course and navigate the recruiting process confidently. - Looking for guidance on managing communication with college volleyball coaches, you will get advice and recommendations on things like preparing your skills video, how often you should be in touch, and how to handle discussions like scholarship availability so your communication strategy Is effective and efficient throughout the process. - Wondering how best to handle the attention of college volleyball coaches at tournaments, Coach offers several suggestions to help you put your best foot forward to make things less stressful. - Starting to look at schools, the book provides time lines for when to do college visits, advice about what to expect, and recommendations on what to look out for while you’re on campus. - Curious about the different levels of college volleyball, you will find discussions of not just the Division I recruiting process, but also of Division II and III, plus NAIA and Junior College Volleyball.There’s loads more. The book features answers to a number of common player and parent questions about things like signing periods, camps, Men’s Volleyball, walking-on, and more. If you have a question about college recruiting, it’s probably answered in the book – and if not, you’ll find out how to get the answer.Coaches and club directors should read this book too. It will help them guide those in their program in the best possible way. Actually, the book even includes specific advice for them!And Inside College Volleyball doesn’t stop there. While recruiting is definitely the biggest focus, the book also talks about training, playing, and coaching. There’s lots of behind the scenes type information about how things really work in college volleyball. The Coach gives you the inside scoop on a number of different topics, from rules to equipment to athletic department politics to coaching employment, making the book not just a resource for prospective college volleyball players and their parents, but to anyone interested in collegiate volleyball.

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Book Title: Inside College Volleyball: Recruiting information & advice, training tips, and more for players, families, coaches, and fans (English Edition)

Book Author: The College Volleyball Coach,John Forman

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