Metropolis Thea Von Harbou

Book Description:
Title: Metropolis
Author: Thea Von Harbou.
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Thea Von Harbou Metropolis

Book Excerpt: ..."To-night," he said, "I shall be with you. I shall be entirely enwrapped by you. I shall pour out my life into you and shall fathom whether or not I can bring you to life. I shall, perhaps, feel your throb and the commencement of movement in your controlled body. I shall, perhaps, feel the giddiness with which you throw yourself out into your boundless element, carrying me-me, the man who made-through the huge sea of midnight. The seven stars will be above us and the sad beauty of the moon. Mount Everest will remain, a hill, below us. You shall carry me and I shall know: You carry me as high as I wish..."He stopped, closing his eyes. The shudder which ran through him was imparted, a thrill, to the silent machine."But perhaps," he continued, without raising his voice, "perhaps you notice, you, my beloved creation, that you are no longer my only love...