The Master Key Audio Series: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom

Energy Practices for Happiness, Longevity, and AwakeningIs it possible to maintain a youthful flow of abundant vitality throughout our entire lives? Qigong masters such as Robert Peng know that we can―by using time-tested practices to amplify our physical, mental, and spiritual energy. With The Master Key Audio Series, this renowned teacher guides you through powerful Chinese energy practices to enhance your health, sustain happiness, and bring you into effortless alignment with the flow of life. Created to support the practices taught in Robert Peng's book and DVDs―with a special emphasis on visualizing and directing the flows of subtle energy―this series features:Empowerments―Build inner harmony and a strong connection to the energetic resources of the world around you• Three Treasures Standing Meditation―Harmonize the forces of Heaven, Earth, and your body• Four Golden Wheels Exercise―Essential Qigong practices for deepening your experience of your subtle energy flow.• Lotus Meditation―A complete full-body cleansing• Connecting Universe―A journey to the source of divinely inspired love―the awakened heart"The way of Qigong allows you to deepen your capacity for wisdom, love, and vitality," teaches Robert Peng. Here is an invaluable resource of Qigong practices to reawaken your inner fountain of youth, balance the forces within and without for harmonious living, and open clear and abundant channels for life energy to flow.

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Book Title: The Master Key Audio Series: Qigong Secrets for Vitality, Love, and Wisdom

Book Author: Robert Peng

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ISBN: 1622031415